Thursday, June 14, 2012

Lots of bugs

My brother and I fished the river last night from 5:30pm-dark. The water was flowing at 850 cfs with a water temperature of 63 degrees. We fished under sunny skies and an air temperature of 75 degrees. We walked back to the "Lake Pool" and tried our luck casting to 7-8 rising fish. We each hooked into a few fish using #14 Chocolate Bunny Flies but the rest were extremely selective and hard to catch. They turned down our imitations on numerous occasions. We walked down to the "Railroad Riffle" where I hooked into 4 fish on a #12 Royal Wulff. Andy got decent action underneath using nymph's. Once the sun went down we walked back up to the Lake and ran into the same problem getting fish to eat our dries. At around 8pm we got on the bikes and headed down to the "Beaver Hole." 15 or so fish were working the surface and we each landed a few on a #14 Orange Cahill, then the fish began feeding out of our casting range so we called it a night. The bug menu for the evening was as follows: #14 BWO, #14 Orange Cahills, #14 Light Cahills, #14 Light Cahill Spinners, #20 and #22 BWO spinners, #12 Rusty Spinners, numerous caddis, #16 Lime Sallies, and an assortment of midges.......good luck figuring out what they are eating.

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