Thursday, June 28, 2012


This is a belated stream report, I have been busy at work and went on the back-packing trip to Shenandoah this past weekend, but before I left I met my dad down at upper access Friday the 22nd. The water was flowing at 750 cfs and the water temperature was 65 degrees under sunny skies. We fished a new spot that we had luck on during our float in early June. This area will be referred to as The Back Eddie Runs. My dad nymphed this area without any luck, I ran through with a Royal Wulff and a Soft Hackle Hare's Ear but didn't get any fish to react. I walked down 100 yards to a slower strech where 4-5 fish were rising to the surface. I kept the Royal Wulff on and landed one. I tried numerous flies to catch the other fish with no luck. We decided to hit up our honey hole on the way out, to our liking many fish were sipping on the surface. I got one take on a small adams but then it broke off and I didn't have anymore of that size (so I thought). My dad missed a few on a Light Cahill. The top water action was pretty decent till 9pm then the river shut down. The small spinner that has been eluding me was out in thousands again, I know the fish were keying in on this little guy. A solid number of #14 Orange and Light Cahills were around, along with the sporadic caddis flies and Slate Drakes. The fish seemed to ignore these bigger mayflies and stayed loyal to their little meal of spinners. I reorganized my fly boxes and found a few patterns that I will try and fish Monday. Unfortunatly with work this is the next time I will be able to go out. The water has been flowing very steadily this week at 650 cfs, the temperatures are ideal and in the low 60's. Hopefully I can get some clouds Monday, the river seems to fish the best in those conditions.

On a sour note reports say other fisherman have been keeping more then their limit in the trophy trout section. What a shame it is we live in an area where other sportsman can ruin a great fishery. If others respected the rules and regulations fun would be had by many anglers this summer, I think the fish numbers will be decreasing as the summer goes on though. Maybe the next hole I go to explore will be called "The Asshole."

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