Sunday, July 1, 2012

Cloudy Water & Little Flies:

I fished the river tonight from 6pm-8pm. Parked the truck at the upper access area and headed down. I observed some water on the way down and saw a huge brown streak on the railroad side. Both feeders must have gotten pounded with rain because the water was extremely dirty. I said heck with it and continued biking down to the Good Year Trough. I put on big white articulated streamer and started fishing. I worked my way down about 75 yards with no strikes. I saw 2 fish rise in the dirty water and decided to try out my #18 parachute adams. Both fish that were rising took the dry on the first cast. I got back on the bike and headed down to my honey hole. Saw a few fish rising from the trail and decided to give it a whirl. Once I got in the water and started casting I only saw 2 fish rise but both took my imitation. The water is flowing at 750 cfs and is not high, just off color. It might be clearer by tomorrow morning. The normal bugs that I have been seeing were around tonight, #14 Orange Cahills, #12 Slate Drakes, caddis flies and small spinners.

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