Monday, July 2, 2012


I fished the river this morning from 8:30am-12:00pm. It was another hot and sticky summer day with nothing but humidity and sunshine. The water temperature was 61 degrees and flowing at 680 cfs. The water clarity got a little better overnight but it wasn't gin clear, visibility was at about 14 inches. I went to the railroad trough and started searching with a Grasshopper and a few droppers. 1 nice 14 inch rainbow took my #18 Rainbow Warrior underneath but that was it for that stretch. I went back to the Good Year Tire Trough with no luck, only saw 1 fish rise. I then worked down to my honey hole where only 2 fish were rising, fooled 1 of them on a #20 Rainbow Warrior underneath. The bug life wasn't much of a factor today, only saw a few caddis flies and 1-2 Slate Drakes. I wasn't in the greatest area for late morning nymph fishing. Mike ( floated a client down today, hope he had better luck then me.

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