Monday, July 9, 2012

Dog Days Of Summer:

I fished the river from 7:30am-noon today. The water was flowing at 658 cfs. I started off below the top access area. I took the water temperature when I got into the stream, it read 58 degrees. I started nymphing a #12 Red Copper John and a #18 Rainbow Warrior. 30 minutes of fishing and 0 strikes. I saw two fish working the surface below me and switched my rig. I quickly caught one on my #18 Parachute Adams and missed the other. I decided to bike 1/2 mile downstream and work some pocket water. I managed one fish on my #18 Rainbow Warrior. I moved down another 1/2 to the Stone Hedges and caught 1 on the Rainbow Warrior. At 10:30 the sun was high and mighty so I decided to bike downstream to find some shade. I fished the Beach Hole for the last 1.5 hours with no strikes. The water temperature hit 64 degrees before I left. The bugs were scarce this time out, only saw a few caddis and BWO's.....midges were in full force but the fish didn't seem to pay attention to them. Pray for some rain in the next few days......the river is scary low.

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