Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fly Fishing: Yellowstone National Park

Amazing Yellowstone Cutthroat From The Lamar River

Another Dandy From The Same Hole

If anyone was wondering, of course I took my fly-rod with me! I had 1 day to fish and accomplished my goal in catching a Yellowstone Cutthroat. I fished a bunch of streams but will sum it up in one post. I started off fishing Lower Slough Creek below the Slough Creek Campground. This water by the campground was full of pocket water and the stretch that follows the campground road was flat meadow water. I saw a good amount of big fish but they were extremely educated and hard to catch. There were no bugs hatching while I was fishing and I got skunked. I continued onto the Lamar River around the junction of Soda Butte Creek and the Lamar Canyon. I managed 4 beautiful Cuttys, the junction hole where Soda Butte dumps into the Lamar was fantastic. I also stopped and fished the Madison, Yellowstone River, the Gibbon and the Gardiner. I can't really give a good judgement of these streams because I only spent 1 day on them. I do know that once I put on a #12 Copper John I got into fish. The water was low in the Lamar Valley, all the other streams seemed to be flowing better. The lower section of the Gardiner by the North Entrance was solid, I moved a bunch of fish and landed a few too, all on the Copper John. The Firehole river looked really juicy, if I ever get back I would love to attempt this one. Overall every stream looks fishy and the setting you are fishing in is world class. You could spend a lifetime exploring this area with a fly rod.

Cutbow From The Gardiner River Near The North Entrance
The Yellowstone River Itself

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