Monday, October 22, 2012

Archery Update: Does are falling rut is nearing

I was on a high after my 10 point kill but that still didn't stop me from getting in the woods Monday the 15th. Billy and I moved a few stands on Sunday and we both decided to get up in them the next day. The morning was overcast and slightly warm, my dad and I didn't see a deer. All three of us went back out in the evening. I got up in the new crossover spot and Billy went to Backside Laurel Stand. The wind was howling and tree limbs were falling. At around 5:45pm I thought about getting down from my stand it was that bad. I looked over to my right and 3 does were standing 10 yards from me. It was so windy and loud I didn't have to worry about movement or noise. I picked up my crossbow and sunk a lethal blow into her at 4 yards. This was by far my best 2 day stretch of archery season to date, who says there is an October Lull?

Billy and my Dad have been at it since then, both taking down does with the Muzzle Loaders this past week at a farm we have permission to hunt. All of us will be off next week for the Rut Moon on the 29th and a few days after. I would imagine another buck or 2 will go down in that time frame, the rut is kicking up and the weather looks like it's going to break just in time for next week. The first 4 weeks of archery/muzzy season has been good to us, 1 good buck and 3 does, still have 8 tags to fill.

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