Thursday, October 11, 2012

Archery Report 10-11-12

Two more nights in the stand, two more deer sightings, but not shots.  Tuesday night was a beautiful evening to be in the woods, but I only caught a glimpse of two does feeding away from my stand.  It seems like the acorns aren't dropping as much, so maybe that food source is going to be at it's highest right now.  I think the lack of deer movement we have been experiecing is contributed at least in part to the never ending supply of acorns in Penn's woods this year.  Maybe signs of a bad winter to come?  Who knows, but I believe in nature letting us know, and if the hatches on stream this season are part indicator, EARLY is the word.  I believe in it so much I'm betting a week's vacation on an early rut.  I guess if I'm wrong - tag soup for the long winter. 

Wednesday night I decided to hit the crossover stand one more time, it had rained all afternoon, then cleared right at 3:00pm, and by the time I climbed up it was sunny, but windy.  I got my first buck sighting of the year - a lowly three point.  In the old days he probably would have been toast - but regulations and personnal goals are two reasons he walked away.  Two days til antlerless muzzleloader comes in, hopefully the action will be good on Saturday.

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