Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Archery Report 10-9-12

Sorry to wait so long in posting, unfortunately not a lot to report.  The first week came and went with well above average temperatures and I hunted zero with a busy schedule at work.  The second Saturday dawned rainy and cold, but a doe let me draw back on her at least - too bad it was a head on shot and she busted me prior to turning.  Yesterday, Monday October 8, found me on top of an oak covered knoll with excellent temperatures, crunchy leaves, and some added visability through the foliage.  The evening started off great with many turkey sightings.  Twilight was near, and the flock started making all kinds of noise roosting into a giant white oak.  Soon after that disturbance, more noise from the same place - only this time it was a group of 5 does.  Unfortunately for me the lead doe is big and SMART, she hit my scent trail and went BESERK for twenty minutes.  She must of only got a small whiff, because she was up and down and up and down snorting for a very long time, never busting the stand.  It might be funny if I already had a deer hanging from the meat pole!  Oh well, back at it tonight - report to follow.

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