Monday, November 12, 2012

2012 Archery Recap

Well another archery season is down the tubes! I went out with Andy one last time this morning at the "Pinch Point." During our sit I had some time to reflect back at the 2012 season. Overall it was a below average year for taking down deer with the archery equipment. Only 4 deer ( 2 bucks, 2 doe) fell to the arrow ( 2 more with the smoke pole) and we spent A LOT of time in the woods. I was fortunate enough to take 3 of those deer down in 3 different locations and Billy knocked down a great 8 point on Halloween morning.

The first week of the season was pretty slow. I hunted pretty much everyday and the only deer a saw was a lone buck back home on the first morning. I had good pictures of a nice buck but ended up moving my stand after 5 hard days of hunting. I ventured back to my reliable honey hole and it produced numerous sightings the rest of the season. My friend Matt and I both hit bucks out of the "Gorge Stand" but never recovered them. He continued to see action throughout the remainder of the year and I ended up sticking a doe at the "Pinch Point" and also could of taken down a legal 6 point. My honey hole didn't disappoint and I can safely say I have a solid archery spot for years to come.

Back home Billy had a few sits where the does were out of range. The "Crossover" and the "Power Line" each produced some does but they were out of range each time. We decided to move the "Crossover" across the trail and it ended up being one of our best moves of the season. We had good action in that stand throughout the rest of the season and Billy ended up connecting to fill his buck tag. I saw a really nice shooter buck out of the "Oak Flats" in early November which is the only deer we saw out of that stand all year.

Andy and my Dad both had close calls with bucks but both will have buck tags going into gun season. "Dad's Stand" produced a crazy amount of buck sightings once the rut kicked into gear. 10+ in a two day span. The "Field Stand" also was in a good location as my Dad saw deer on numerous sits. The big boys eluded us this year but hopefully if my dad or Andy don't kill one in riffle they will live to next year. There are a ton of bucks back home and the future looks promising.

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