Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Grannom's In The House

   A crew of us went up to Central PA for the day in hopes of catching a few mid April hatches and rising fish. We arrived at the Narrows section of Fishing Creek around 8:30am. The weather was in the mid 60's with overcast skies and rain showers. Perfect day for a hatch! The water was flowing a bit high for our liking so we all decided to rig up nymph's until fish started rising.

   Well the nymphing was tough, not unexpected for us at Fishing Creek when the water isn't perfect. We did manage to fool a few trout, mostly on Sucker Spawn's but we did get a few on Grannom Nymph's as well. Mike had numerous fish chasing streamers throughout the day also. We did see bugs and plenty of them, the Grannom was in full force but no fish seemed interested in these guys even underneath with wet fly patterns. The Hendrickson also showed an appearance in decent numbers along with some Blue Quill's.

   After Fishing Creek kicked our butt for 7 hours we decided to hit up Spring Creek on the way home. The water was slightly off color but had great flow to it. There were still some BWO'S coming off at 5pm but we had limited surface activity. We each picked up a few on nymph's but the fishing was pretty slow. Overall it was a below average day on all streams but it was nice to get out and enjoy the day with family and friends on the water!

Hot Flies Fishing Creek:
#14-#12 Sucker Spawn
#14 Grannom Nymph
Hot Flies Spring Creek:
#16 Mike Midge
#18 Pheasant Tail
#12 Sucker Spawn

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