Monday, April 8, 2013

Quick Trip


     I had planned on fishing a local stream today but some rain last night squashed that idea as I woke up to find it flowing at 800+ cfs. So I decided to give the river a try. This is one of my least favorite sections to fish, mostly because of all the bait dunkers that call this stretch home.

     The river was flowing at 760 cfs and the water was a chilly 39 degrees. I got on the water around 9:30am and immediately noticed a bunch of midges on the water. I worked a few sections of riffles with a nymph tandem but I did not get any hits.

     I walked up to one of the more productive riffles in this section and started to get into fish. This stretch was recently stocked and it seemed like the fish were still in pods. I ended up landing 15 in one short stretch of water and 2 more down river. Overall it was a nice day and catching a few stockies in this stretch was really fun, it helped that I had the river all to myself.

#14-#16  Mike's Midge
#14-#16 Grobe's Grub

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