Sunday, April 7, 2013

Floating The "J"

   I was lucky enough to float the Little J on Friday. My buddy Pat ( has a 2 man pontoon boat and the flows were ideal for a trip down the J from Spruce Creek to Barree. We got on the water early morning and threw some meat at the fish while the sun was hiding behind the mountains. Pat had a few chase but we didn't manage getting any in the boat.

     After a short 30 minutes and knowing the streamer bite wasn't there, we decided to switch to nymphs. For the rest of the trip the bite was consistent underneath. We caught fish from the boat and also at each location we stopped to wade fish. Pat knows the stream well and put me in great locations to hook up. There were bugs on the water, BWO's, Little Black Stoneflies and an assortment of midges. We only saw 1 pod of fish rising around Barree, I think the flows were still a bit high at 2.9 feet to get fish looking up.

     It was a perfect day to be on the water, after a long winter the 50 degree temperatures and sun felt wonderful. I would say in 7 days the Grannoms will start hatching and the start to dry-fly season will be upon us! Let's hope the water levels stay good through May.

Hot Flies:
#10 Burke Buster
#16 Bead Head Grobe's Grub
#8 Black Hare's Ear
#12 Sucker Spawn


  1. You left the best parts of the day out--the boat leaking air and your graceful dismount ending with swimming in the 40 degree water :-) Thanks again for coming along.

  2. looked like a great time matt...

  3. The dismount was classic and the slow leak added to the excitement. What about when I rowed over the steal pipe in the water? Good times for sure cant wait to see what happens next float!

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