Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Last Grannom Action of 2013

Phil With A Nice Brown On His First Trip To The J!
A group of us headed up to the Little Juniata to take advantage of the good water flows (345 cfs). The weather was partly cloudy with an air temperature of 55-60 degrees. We each rigged up some nymph's and got into fish right off the bat. The underneath action didn't last long because the Grannom's started swarming and fish starting eating! We all tied on Grannom imitations and the five of us each brought 8-10 fish to hand.
Master Mike Getting Rewarded With His Nymph's
Thanks Donnie!
In the afternoon things died down on top but nymphing still brought fish to the net. An assortment of nymph's worked underneath, most fish in this section of stream were very meaty which was an added bonus. Overall we caught around 50 fish, you can't beat that for an 8 hour day on the water!

This Section Produces Great Fish!

Pappa Grobe Doing It The Old School Way

Hot Flies:
#14-#16 Soft Hackle's
#14 Grannom Nymph
#14 Grannom
#10 Burke Buster

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