Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Pig Farm

Andy's Fat Boy Stud!

22 inch Pig on the Burke Buster
Another View
There were 6 lucky individuals who got to fish  on Tuesday. We had two boats out on the water at 8am. I was lucky enough to get back behind the oars for most of the day. After this float I felt much more comfortable navigating the waterway then I did when I floated with Pat on the Little J. Although I have much more work to do, I think I found another activity I like to do!

The water was flowing at 2000 cfs and was a chilly 45 degrees throughout the day. The weather was sunny and 65 degrees. We ended up bringing 20 fish to the boat on an assortment of nymph's and streamers but the quality of the fish was amazing. Only 4-5 trout were below the 14 inch mark. We had numerous fish exceeding the 18 inch mark and weighing around 3-5 pounds. These fish would be better described as small steel head instead of trout. I can only hope this is a sign of things to come this season because we will be in for one heck of a summer if this keeps up.

Gatta Love The Rod In Mouth and Fish In Hand Garrett

What A Day
On a side note the bug activity was ridiculous in the afternoon. An insane amount of black caddis were hatching and also a full bore Hendrickson Hatch. If only the water was a bit lower.......these fish would of looked up and pounded dry's. We only saw 2 fish rise throughout the day but they were both studs. I will be back out on the water Friday and hopefully will have more pigs to show off!

Hot Flies:
#10 Burke Buster
#14 Garrett Special
#8 Ando's Retriever

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  1. Fantastic fish and report! Looks like a great day on the water.