Friday, April 26, 2013

More Of The Same

Phil Getting Rewarded On His First Float
     I floated the river from 8:30-6pm today. The water was flowing at 1500 cfs when we started today but ended up at 1290 by the time we ended (temperature was 48-52 degrees). I think because the water was dropping it may have effected the fishing to some degree.

Average Size Fish So Far This Year
     My fishing partners this time out were Mike ( and Phil. The nymphing was "OK" throughout the duration of the float. The high catch numbers were not there but the quality still was. Fish ranging from the 15-18 inch mark were common when we hooked up and the bigger ones we hooked into eluded our boat.

Mike Putting Me On Fish
Me Putting Mike On Fish

      As far as bugs go it was a good day. The black caddis started coming off around 11am in good numbers and had fish looking up. Once the clock struck 2pm the Hendrickson started appearing in good numbers and fish seemed to like those a bit more. There were fish rising but then the wind would pick up and put them down. Then around 4pm an olive caddis hatched in great numbers and fish were eating on the surface. We did manage to get a few fish on caddis patterns and Hendrickson imitations.

Gangster Style
     We ended up bringing 13 AWESOME fish to the boat and probably missed as many. Overall it was a solid day, hope these flows stay the same for a few weeks!

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