Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer Has Arrived:

The honeymoon is over and I arrived back in PA ready to throw some line in the river. The realization hit me soon that summer is here and the tactics I've been using the last few months will slowly but surely not produce as good as it did early season. I got out on 3 different occasions so far.

The bugs have still been solid, early morning produced a #18 dark caddis and numerous cranefies but not much surface activity. The two evenings that I got to fish saw a heavy Cahill Hatch and also a good population of Slate Drakes. Mix that in with some spinners at night and you can find fish rising just not in the numbers there were in May. Having said that we have been catching fish, last night Andy and I used an early season May Fly to produce good results, although it didn't match the correct color of the insect hatching, for some reason the trout liked it and ate it willingly when we could find the rising fish.

On the nymphing end of things the typical summer lull has set in. I have found it challenging to move fish consistently on any type of pattern but a few eventually come to the net. Maybe I'll get lucky and find the magic pattern sometime this summer. Andy, Mike and I will be out on the boats this upcoming Thursday with a group of newbies, I will post an update later next week. We did catch a few pigs but did not get them too the net, unfortunately the big boys have been eluding the camera, hopefully that will all change next week. The water temperature is 65 degrees in the heat of the day at Ohiopyle, water is low......we need some rain and cool nights but it doesn't look good. Tight Lines to all and good luck out there.

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