Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Little Pine Creek and Big Pine Creek Fishing Report 6-11-13 thru 6-17-13

I got a chance to take a week or so off of work and decided to head up into the Pine Creek Valley for some early summer fishing.  This stream has been kind to us before during this time frame, and usually we have the streams mostly to ourselves.  The cooler temperatures this year played right into the plan also.  I forgot my camera so no pictures of this scenic valley this year -- bummer!


We fished mostly from Ross Run Access to the Delayed Harvest at Slate Run and had some decent fishing.  Undoubtedly this stretch would have produced more fish had we actually gotten up early and hit the water in the early AM, but this was vacation, and a few extra hours sleep was nice!!!  There are plenty of fish in this entire section and the Slate Run area is loaded up.  I was lucky enough to hook and land a 22" German Brown that the fly shop always promotes - very heavy trout and my biggest catch of the year.  Slate Drakes, Cahills in various shades, BWOs is several sizes, small caddis, and some craneflies were all in the mix, especially at days end.  The water temperature is flirting with the 70F mark on the warm days, but with 2" of rain of Thursday, and wonderfully cool temperatures all week, I'd guess good trout fishing to last a least two more weeks.


Most nights and couple mornings found us exploring this smaller, cooler waterway.  We fished both the project and the open water, all above the dam in Little Pine State Park.  Having difficulty in the past on this stream I was really excited to find excellent fishing for the whole trip.  Also finding out about the very healthy population of wild fish this stream holds was an added bonus.  While nothing we caught would be record book entries, the fishing was really good.  Small brookies, browns, and rainbows showed a great liking for Slate Drakes #12!  Nymphs, spinners, emerges, and adults all had their moments in the catching.  Along with the drakes, Cahills, BWO, caddis, Yellow/Lime Sallies, and small sulphurs all hatched in numbers.  The fishing was really fast and furious from 8:00pm on.

All in all it was a very good trip, one that seems to be on the verge of an annual trip.  This valley has so much to offer it is really unbelievable.  We had various encounters with bald eagles, deer, and rattlesnakes while hiking, biking, and fishing, what a great couple of early summer days.

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