Tuesday, June 4, 2013

More Big Browns

Biggest fish for me....ever!

Beno came down to visit again this past Sunday night into Monday to fish. Try number two this season proved to be better in bugs and weather, but we still had to work hard for the fish to come to our nets. Sunday night my dad met up with us and we fished from 6-after dark hoping for a coffin fly spinner fall. Sulphurs were out in solid numbers and there were coffin flies in the air, but the fish were rising sporadic at best. Ben had the best catch of the night with a solid Brown (pictured below).

Ben with a nice Brown
. The weather was perfect all day; cloudy, a little rain, and cool. Unfortunately we ended up nymphing until the last two to three hours even with caddis and a small BWO hatching most of the day. We caught a few during the day but had more success in the evening. Sulphurs, Cahills, Caddis, BWOs, and Coffin Flies were all in the air but yet again the  trout were being stubborn and not consistently rising. We did have risers here and there for most of the night and were able to get some casts out to them. I ended up landing a big Brown (pictured above) on top which was awesome. But as soon as we thought it would get going, the fish either moved or went down for ten minutes before coming back up. I don't think the low water level helped us out when casting over the fish, but with the amount of bugs out there I thought we were going to be in for an epic night.

Nymphing during the day. 

Another view of my brown.
It was a nice day and a half to be out on the water and with the amount of bugs that we saw, I'll be making another trip up this week to continue to try and be there when it all comes together. Another decent trip from Ben can only mean that I'll be trying to get him to make another trip out soon to give it another shot. It's hard not to come back when you get into some of these fish!

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