Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Beast Of A Brown

This beast was in the 26.5 inch range
I decided to head out and fish tonight with Phil and a newbie who was in town for work (Thanks for coming along Dave!) The weather was nasty hot and humid with partly cloudy skies. The river was flowing at 950 cfs and the water temperature was a cool 64 degrees.
Another view, hard to get a correct measurement on the rod!

Phil and I were on a mission to get Dave into a bow so we tried our best at nymphing a few productive runs......nothing was eating. We worked our way downstream, Phil and Dave lead the way and I trailed trying a few new nymph patterns that I tied up. The fishing was tough underneath as none of us moved anything in the first hour. We got to one of my more productive spots and I lazily through my line in about 10 yards in front of me and got a strike. At first I thought it was a big rainbow but after a 5 minute fight I got a look at a BIG BROWN. With the help of Phil we landed him and I realized this was one of my biggest fish to date! Man do these fish get big and healthy on this river, and the fact that it's the middle of July makes it even better.

The rest of the night was pretty slow, Phil had a few good takes on dry's but the Cahill's and Olive Spinner's didn't bring enough fish to the surface to make for a good dry fly evening. The fish was worth the trip down and that's the reason I keep coming back......WORLD CLASS FISH!


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  2. Thanks Silverkingalaska! My brothers and I love doing the blog and appreciate the feedback.