Monday, July 15, 2013

Fishable Water At Last

Found this guy in the midst of a rafting frenzy!
   I drove down to the river last night to check out what the water clarity looked like. After 2 weeks of nothing but rain I haven't been able to fish since late June. The water still looked a bit murky in town but I was chomping at the bit to wet a line. I arrived on the stream at 9am and I could already tell the day would be a scorcher. It ended up being mostly sunny with a high temperature of 90 degrees. The water was flowing at 1030 cfs and the water temperature at 10 am was 62 degrees where I was fishing.

   I ended up fishing in quite a few places, overall the fishing was relatively slow. The water still had a murkiness to it, visibility was around 3 feet maybe 4. I put on numerous nymph's, some I tied during the rainy days the last few weeks, but some regular flies were the only producers. I ended up landing 5 trout and 2 bass. I fought 4 more trout but they got off. There was nothing eating on the surface although I did see a fair number of Slate Drakes and BWO's.

The number of rafters was pretty impressive to say the least today.......I thought I might catch a break for a Monday but that wasn't the case. It felt great to get out and the brown I caught was well worth the heat!

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