Saturday, July 27, 2013

Spring Creek: Fishing Report 7-26-13

Pretty Brown Taking A Trico
My Dad, Brother and I headed up to Spring Creek for the day in hopes of catching the beginning of the Trico Hatch. We were fishing a productive spot at 7:30am and each rigged up some typical Spring Creek Nymph's. The bite was on from the moment we started throwing line. The flow was perfect for this time of year, the stream has more water in it than usual for late July. We each landed numerous fish, mostly on the smaller size but it still was an awesome day on the water. The Trico's came out in force but the spinner fall didn't produce many risers. My brother did land 3 fish on top but most of the day was spent underneath. It looks like the Central PA streams are in great condition for this time of year, we only have 4-6 weeks before Fall will slowly creep into the area and the fishing will even get better. It looks like the window to fish Trico's will be smaller this year so if you are trying to fish it next week will be the time to try.

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