Monday, July 29, 2013

Mike With A Big Bow

20 inch bow with some attitude!
Jared, Mike ( and I floated the river today. The water at the beginning of the float was around 1400cfs but by day's end it dropped to 900 cfs. The water temperature was great for July, A cool 58 degrees for the majority of the day. The morning was extremely productive fishing below the indicators, we landed 14 fish with Mike bringing home the biggest rainbow I have scene on the river. It was a stout 20 inch fish with a HEAVY body. Kudos for the rowing ninja for connecting on this hog!

View from behind the oars
Once the afternoon came the river filled up with boats galore and the fishing got tough. We did manage another 8-10 fish on nymph's but it wasn't as hot as the morning. Overall a 20+ fish day on the river is something you must appreciate, awesome day on the water!

It doesn't get much better then this!
On a side note the surface activity was limited to a few sporadic rises throughout the day. Saw a few Cahills and many more Slate Drakes. The small BWO also came off in good numbers but the fish didn't seem interested on this day.

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