Thursday, August 8, 2013

Side Trip: A Hidden Gem

We saw countless fish of this size in the stream
So Danny and I got word from Pat that we should stop and explore another stream on the way home from the WB. Pat got into some BIG fish on this water and we decided to give it a try on our last half day of the trip. I have been fishing since I was 12 and thought I knew most of the productive waterways in PA but somehow this one flew under the radar. I will keep it under the radar for the lucky folks who call this there home water and just mention a few things about it.

Lunker Alley

Best Looking Browns I have ever scene
The stream itself was no more then 60 feet wide in places so catching BIG fish seemed out of place. But the stream did not disappoint as Danny and I managed to land 4 fish that were in the 18 inch range and we also both missed fish that were easily 22+. The one I broke off would of been in the top 4 biggest fish I ever caught. All the browns were wild and healthy with a good mix of 10-12 inchers and also numerous beasts. It amazes me that in this day and age there can still be some streams out there that produce big fish and are somewhat secret. It was incredible how many 18+ inch wild browns we saw in this little stream. I hope to get back here at some point and try my luck again, this stream is a sleeping giant for big fish!
Another Baker Whopper

Pat With Another Stud

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