Sunday, August 18, 2013


I fished this morning from 6:30am-10am. The water was flowing at 1550 cfs and the water temperature was 61 degrees according to the USGS. It was very overcast and rainy today, perfect weather for some fishing. I fished for over 2 hours with no strikes, used various flies underneath the indicator and then decided to throw some big meat. I didn't even get a chase.

Hook Jaw
I moved into some more favorable water for nymphing and ran into......PORKINS. This stud came in at 26 inches and had the biggest Hook Jaw I have ever scene! This was the first time catching a fish of this size by myself so landing him was a very interesting process. Needless to say I got him in and shot some video with the GOPRO. Attached are the snapshots I took from the video. I only landed 1 more fish, a nice 15 inch brown and then had to leave when the fishing seemed to be picking up.

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