Monday, March 31, 2014

Quick Trip To Get Back In The Groove

Nice Little Brookie
I haven't been out on the water for a few weeks due to a late season ski trip and an injured back. The recovery time from this injury is killing me! The water has been high so it's helps knowing there are not many streams to fish right now.

Little Black Stone
I decided to test out the back today on a smaller mountain stream close to my house. I did "ok" and was very cautious wading. The water was up and it made things a bit more challenging but I managed. This stream is very scenic, but the locals like to poach in the Fly Fishing Area so you never know what to expect. I managed 6 trout in the first run and it was slow going from there, not bad for an hour and a half though. I did see a few stoneflies dancing around but no risers.

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