Sunday, April 6, 2014

Crowds and Stockies

Good Looking Water
Local streams are still flowing high because of the rain we had this past week. There was one area stream that didn't get effected as badly so the Grobe clan ventured out that way. When we arrived we drove down to an area void of cars. We got into the water and caught fish pretty consistently on an array of nymph's, really enjoyed this section of water....(we ran into Travis from and he showed us around....THANKS TRAVIS!)

One of the many "BOWS" landed today
We decided to drive around and find more water but the stream was full of anglers. We finally got into a section with less fisherman and put a hurting on some fish. I did see some Little Black Stone's popping off but nothing to get fish to the surface. They are calling for a 1/4 inch of rain tomorrow......the streams will come up once again!

Little Pot Belly 

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