Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Winter Revisiting

Native Brookie
East Coast Cutthroat! 
Mike and I had a float planned but we cancelled due to Old Man Winter making another appearance this spring. We decided just to wade fish some local waters so we didn't get stuck on the Yough all day with high winds and rain.

Scenic River
The fishing was pretty good in the area we first started fishing. The fish were laying smack down on the bottom of the stream so deep rigs and flawless drifts were needed to fool this wild trout. Stoneflies and small mayfly nymph's fooled most of the fish for us today. We did see a few small caddis flies buzzing around but the wind would blow them off the water quickly. Even so we did see a few risers here and there. I was lucky enough to land 4 different species of trout today....a very rare occurrence on the East Coast.

Rainbow Trout
Pocket Water Galore!
In the evening we went to a smaller Native/Stocked stream and had good success there as well. We even saw a few more fish rising and Mike reeled in his first dry fly fish of the year. It was great to get out and we had a very productive day. Hopefully the Yough flows will stay where they are at for a few day's....I'm itching to get out on the river!

Mike in the April Snow Squal

Finally got my hands on a few of these guys today

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