Monday, April 28, 2014

Grannom's and Hendrickson's

Grannom's: Blizzard Hatch 
20 inch wild brown in open water
My brothers, Dad and I got to spend some time together fishing the last four days. Besides the wind....the weather was almost perfect. Add in the near ideal water conditions and you have yourself a perfect 4 day vacation!

Andy's Wild Brownie
Overall the fishing was slow to decent. The bugs came out in full force. By 10am each day the Grannom's were out in crazy numbers. Unfortunately the fish keyed in on this insect but under the surface not on top. Then at 2pm the Hendrickson's hatched heavy. One day the fish were eating them, the next they were not. The mystery of these fish continues....
19 inch brown
Alaskan Rainbow....YUP

The nymphing was hot then cold. We had a few spurts of good action but then it would shut off. Any nymph with chartreuse in it seemed to pick up a few fish along with stonefly nymph's. Nothing knocked them out of the park though. I would say there are only 3-5 days of Grannom's left....the Hendrickson maybe a few more. If you want to fish these hatches and the rain doesn't ruin your plans get out there soon.

Fell to a Grannom Nymph

Breakfast And Shopping For Flies

Andy Getting It Done Nymphing

More Grannom Nymph Madness

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