Saturday, May 3, 2014

Loyalhanna Hatches !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well at least for the Hanna.  Hit the project last night and today, and while the water was fine - the fishing was slow.  The major surprise to all of those people who fish the Hanner is that I was greeted to a fishable BWO hatch last night!  While it wasn't Penns Creek it sure was interesting, and then a few Quill Gordon's joined the fray! Whoa.  The risers were sporadic but definitely eating the olives, and the Gordons went untouched.  The water is still nice and cold, in fact it is so cold I think the fish are slightly sluggish.  Top that with the unrelenting pressure and it makes for tough conditions.  Dad and I did manage a better score this morning, until the masses showed.  Nothing consistent, but the nymphing was productive.  Look forward to a warmer day or two this week to see if things pick up.
Hopefully the bugs keep coming -- ITS ON!

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