Sunday, May 25, 2014

Loyalhanna Fishing Report 5-24-14

Fished the Dumpster hole tonight with good success. Dad fished it from about 4pm on, while I didn't make it down until 6pm. Luckily I didn't miss much, as Dad only caught a couple before I got there. After talking to him, I decided to go small on the fly selection, and see if that is what they wanted, and sure enough things picked up. Then as the sun set the #14 first, then #16 Sulphurs actually produced a decent hatch with a few risers. Dad caught his first Loyalhanna trout on a sulphur pattern in 35 years of fishing, maybe the hatches are getting better!

We ended up with a half a dozen on top, definitely a weird year when I have more fish on top at the Hanner than the Little J!!!!!!!!

Other hatches: 1000's of midges, Good #14 - #18 Tan Caddis.

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