Saturday, May 24, 2014

Brookies, Browns, and Bows

Matt, Mike, and I headed into the wilds for a full day's fishing - yep that's right - fishing, without Noah rowing the arc!  We packed up our gear and headed out to western Maryland to sample a couple of waters that hold wild fish.  The streams were at a good level and the fishing was as good as the beautiful weather.

The fishing was steady all day, the hatches were present but not in fishable numbers.  A smattering of Blue Quills, Sulphurs, Caddis, March Browns, Yellow Sallies, and even a Green Drake or two helped keep the fish feeding most of the day.  While Mike found some risers the best score was made under the surface.  The heavy pocket water produced the best fish, and that meant being on the bottom with a very good drift - any drag and you were out of the game.  Who says brookies are knock overs? Maryland has done a fantastic job of harnessing the full potential of these gems, my hats off to them.

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