Thursday, May 22, 2014

High Water Continues In PA

Native Brookie
The high water continues to flow in all of PA. Just when things look like they are going to get fishable again mother nature jumps in and throws down 1-2 inches of rain. The first round of Sulphurs will be all but over by the time streams get fishable. At this rate we'll be lucky to hit the Green Drakes!

High Water Brookie

Even with the high water there are still fish to be found if your willing to explore smaller water. I was lucky enough to get out on Tuesday and the fishing was incredible. A great mix of stockies and natives fell to nymph's all day long. Flows were double their normal output and I still saw fish rising in the back eddies. Don't let high water scare you off, some of my best day's this year is when the water has been high.

Fat Stockie thrown into the mix

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