Monday, October 13, 2014

The Water Is Finally Cooling Off

Not A Steelhead :) 

I was able to float twice this week. The water temps are finally starting to cool off on the river. Action was pretty darn good both floats for fish. Float #1 had us doing really well under the bobber with various nymph's. Float #2 we experienced the same but the streamer bite was also very good. It was really exciting to see fish chase out of the boat. The lower river seems to be fishing much better then the upper. Big Golden Drakes were hatching sporadically throughout the day on Float #1 but seemed to disappear the next day. The occasional October Caddis, Slate Drake and BWO were also lingering around, and some fish were working the surface if you looked closely at the water. I think the fishing will continue to get better as long as the water temps continue to drop.

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