Friday, October 24, 2014

Things are starting to heat up in the woods

I finally took a break from fishing and got to spend some time in the woods this week. I expected some October Lull conditions but was pleasantly surprised to see the woods littered with fresh rubs and scrapes. I saw 1 smaller 6 PT with his nose to the ground on Monday evening at 4:30pm. In a different location this morning I passed on another medium size 6 PT. He was acting pre-rutty, checking rubs and licking branches with his nose to the ground. No doe sightings but I'm ok with that. It's October 24th, so things should start to get better each passing day. It seems like the smaller bucks are becoming more visible in the daylight hours, hopefully the bigger guys will start showing themselves as well. I will be out all day tomorrow, hopefully a kill will be reported.

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