Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Polar Winter 2015

Winter Meat Eater

   I think we should all consider taking up ice fishing so we have some options to fish in the next few weeks! I have scene way too many pictures of iced up rivers the last few days. Pat sent me a picture of Spring Creek and it is getting iced over! I don't ever remember there being a time when Spring Creek got icy. Oh well, if you look hard, there are still a few places to fish. I ventured out today in search of some wild browns and was rewarded with a good day on the water.
Tight Lining the soft seams

   The water was up, but focusing on the soft seams helped produced quite a few fish Tight-Lining. The weather was bright and sunny, but the streamer bite was solid too. I got more chases and bumps today then I have all winter long. Flows were high, temperatures were frigid but trout were still eating. A wise man once said if you get the chance to fish....fish! (Thanks Dom)
Another One Bites The Dust 


  1. Beautiful trout as always. Looks brisk but I am sure it was nice to get outdoors.

  2. Atlas,

    I am pretty dialed in on my layering system for this type of weather, I never get cold in my core, the only thing that gets cold is my fingertips, but that's almost impossible to prevent from happening. The peace and solitude of winter fishing is why I go out into the elements, at times the fishing can be just as good as early May.