Wednesday, February 4, 2015


A nymph eater in the pocket water

   Man did I luck out with the weather today! I had all day to fish and couldn't of planned it better. When I arrived at the stream it was in the teens but by day's end I was shedding layers because it got up to 47 degrees! It felt really good to tight-line without gloves on.

This guy had some neat red spots 

  The fishing was pretty good in some sections, and slow in others. I ended up drop shoting most of the day because the gunk at the bottom of the stream is starting to get bad. I believe this is the most effective way to combat this, but your flies don't always ride where they need to be. So you either catch the fish that are very eager to eat and bypass the ones feeding smack dab on the bottom. At least you don't have to clean  your flies as much.
Early Morning Eater

   Because of the warm weather a small black midge started to hatch in the afternoon bringing up a few heads in the slower pools. I decided to mimic the midge with an underwater pattern and it produced a few fish here and there. Fishing the pocket water still seemed to produce the most fish, but covering water is a must if you want to get numbers.
Brown Town 

   The warmth reminded me things are headed for a change in the near future, I only hope mother nature gives us some much needed snow/rain in the meantime, our rivers and streams are too low for my liking!

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