Sunday, March 29, 2015

Good Fish Are Awakening From Their Winter Slumber

Taking Advantage Of High Water On A Highly Visited Limestoner

A Butter Brown Located In Shallower Water

This winter has been a tough one, and it keeps hanging on. One day it will feel like spring, the next snow blankets my front yard. This back and forth between the two has thrown the fish into a weird feeding pattern as well. It's either been real good or real bad depending on the day. 

Finding Skinny Water Produced At High Flows

Pat's Meat Eater.......Troutbitten Style

A very detailed approach to your favorite fishing spot could pay off though. When the fish are off, they don't seem to be move well for a fly. When they are on, violent strikes are what you will encounter. I recently went to one of my favorite big fish spots and worked a spot for a very long time. I made sure to cover every inch of water and I was surprised at how successful  the right drift, at just the right depth was. If I was off by a few inches they wouldn't react, but when I covered a fish and ran the flies right past their mouths, they would eat. Depending on how big your waters are....this could be very challenging but keep this in the back of your head if you go out in the next few days.

What Happened To The Background??? Yep Can't Give Up Our Secret Spot :)
Another Good Fish After Working A Run For A Long Time

The streamer bite has also been very good if you can time it right. Pat Burke and I ( took advantage of high water and floated a highly visited limestoner recently. Casting streamers to the bank paid off in a big way throughout the float.
You Know Your Having A Good Day When Your Getting Into These Regularly 
Wild Brown With Some Attitude 
One Memorable Streamer Eater 

We can't control what Mother Nature has in store for us the next few weeks, but we can control how we approach the water given to us when we have time to go out. Make a plan, stick too it, and if you will get into a few fish. Persistence is key.

You Know Your Having A Good Day When This Is Considered Small

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