Saturday, March 7, 2015

Yong Special Midge

This pattern was invented by an outstanding fisherman named Andy Kim, whom I lucked into fishing with some fifteen odd years ago on a snowy December day at Navajo Dam on the San Juan River. Mr. Kim at the time was very secretive about his patterns, and actually tied this fly onto my leader without showing me the pattern and proceeded to coach me up with some expert nymph fishing advice. It turned a slow day into a banner day, and I picked up a bunch of fatty rainbows behind the dam while fishing with him. We returned to the parking lot, and I realized that Andy was living out of his truck cap, peddling these flies for a living. Unfortunately for Mr. Kim, I could barely afford gas to get to the Juan!!!!!! Several years later, he let the secret out for all of us in a Fly Fisherman article. I don't know were Andy is now - but I hope he is still out there being a trout bum somewhere. The secret to this flies' success is that it is an exact imitation of the thousands of midge pupa that inhabit most waters across the world. Combine that with some good drifts, and BAM - he created a fantastic pattern. Tie these fellas up in olive, tan, red, yellow, etc. - they all have there moments! Get a seine, or stomach pump and commence tying up some hatch matchers.

Yong Special Midge from William Grobe on Vimeo.

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