Monday, May 11, 2015

Heat Wave

My best fish of the trip 

Taking a page out of the Troutbitten handbook.....Grobe Anglers Gay Double Selfie

Yep, that's what I call it. HEAT WAVE.  It's very abnormal to have  4 straight days of high 80's in the early part of May, but that's what us PA fisherman have been dealing with lately. I think Mother Nature decided to just skip out on spring all together this year. It feels like only yesterday when I was complaining about low water and frozen streams. Then runoff set in and our flows were very high for a few weeks. Now we rushed into the dog days of summer and stream temperatures are WAY above normal. I took took the temperature of a famous limestoner today and it read 64 degrees at 8 am this morning. We need some cooler night time temperatures badly.
Seeking out those shallow riffles

Even though the elements haven't been ideal, my family and I still managed to get out on some waterways the past few days. My local favorite has been fishing extremely slow to start of the year so there's not much to report there. I've put in a few decent day's and don't have much to show for it.
Caddis Larva Taking Fish Regularly On This Trip 
Andy getting it done in the pocket water 

 We hit up a few limestoners that fished pretty well even in the sun and heat. The tan caddis came off in solid numbers but the fish still seem to be ignoring this surface meal. Everyone's favorite hatch, The Sulphur, has started but also hasn't provided much action mid-day. I haven't been around for the spinner fall but I got some reports of good fishing at dusk.
Rising fish fell victim to a PT 
Close up

Most of our luck is still coming under the surface with various may fly nymph's and Caddis imitations. Making sure your flies "Tick" off the bottom has been and continues to be essential if you want to score some good numbers. The trout seem to really be congregating in shallow riffles for an easy meal, at least those are the trout willing to eat on a daily basis. The classic runs that we all love haven't produced very well for me lately. Hopefully this weather will stabilize a little bit in the next few weeks. We have a 9 day fishing vacation planned for the end of the month......keeping our fingers crossed conditions don't deteriorate on us.
Good size of fish for today's outing

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