Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Crowds Galore

Sparsely Spotted Wild Brown

The bugs are hatching and the crowds are out. Add in the extremely low water and you have yourself a circus on the regulated waters in our state. I ventured up to a favorite limestoner this past weekend and was taken back by the number of fisherman that were out. Oh well, you can either deal with it or explore other waterways, I chose to do a little of both.

The water felt extremely warm for this time of year, add in the low water and 80 degree temperatures and I felt like I was fishing in July. We still caught fish but not in the numbers that we had hoped for. The bugs were solid, especially at night. March Browns, March Brown Spinners, Sulphurs and Tan Caddis were present in good enough numbers that we expected some decent dry fly action. That wasn't the case. Only a few small fish rose throughout the evening......disappointing to say the least.

We are in the midst of a cool spell right now, wish I was able to fish this entire week. I'm hoping the cool nights stick around as long as possible, we have a big trip planned for the end of the month.

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