Monday, June 8, 2015

Timing Things Right

Impressive Size This Year 
Timing Things Right 
Wild Brown 

Blizzard Sulphur Spinner 
Andy Scoring A Fatty 

Timing things right in the world of fly fishing can be a hard task to complete. Anglers only have so much time to dedicate to the sport, so when the opportunity presents itself to get out on the water, each and everyone of us hopes for the best conditions possible. That doesn't happen often. Too much sun, too little water, too many people or a nasty thunderstorm can ruin your day quickly.
Dad Working On His Drift 

Well the Grobe Family had an 8 day fishing excursion planned recently and let me tell you......we timed it RIGHT! Cool temperatures, overcast skies and low water created an epic scene that will go down as one of the best fishing vacations of our lives.
Found This Guy Right Off A Log 

From snakes to 20+ inch trout, the days were filled with so much excitement I didn't know where the time went. All 8 days feel like a jumbled blur now. All I can tell you is the fish rose to mayflies and ate subsurface so frequently that our numbers were downright silly at times. Add in the impressive browns that were netted and we got everything you could ask for.
My Favorite Catch Of The Trip 

The Slate Drakes and #14 BWO'S came off in the afternoon and had fish looking to the surface. A few extremely productive patterns under the surface racked in big numbers for us the entire trip. We tried to shy away from the crowds and that proved to be a very rewarding move.

Time to let the pictures tell the rest of the story:


Beast From The East

Early Morning Fish

Laying Near The Bank

Swift Water Score

Murky Water Helped The Fishing

Can't Get Enough Of These Wild Browns

Epic For Sure! 

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