Saturday, August 1, 2015

Catching Fish Here And There

Spotted these guys on my drive to the stream today

There's so much water out here to fish, it's making my mind spin! I've been trying to hit different waters each time I go out. Most of the time this is just a 2-3 hour thing early in the morning. The fishing has been solid, only 1 morning has stuck out to me as being slow. Each new stream presents it's own new challenges but I'm having a fun time trying to figure things out. Even if the learning curve has been slow for me....the scenery has been top-notch.
Awesome sunrise over the mountains

One disappointing thing so far is I haven't had any dry fly action. I'm thinking this is mostly due to the time of day I am fishing. Maybe next week I'll get to fish in the evening after work a night to see if bugs are popping.

Got into some consistent fishing for bigger fish today

50 mile riffle......where are they laying! 

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