Monday, December 28, 2015

Montana A.K.A The Icy Planet Of Hoth

#18 PT Fooled This Guy In Slack Water

Soft Seams Are The Key

My wife and I were lucky enough to venture home for the Holidays this past week. On the front end and tail end of the trip I got out a few times in the frigid temperatures that are currently engulfing Western Montana. Most streams are full of slush at the moment but a few spots that stay ice free throughout the winter produced terrific fishing. Water temperatures are in the mid 30's at these locations but the fish are still on the feed.
Butter Brown 
Good Fight With This Guy 

I also got to witness an amazing midge hatch this afternoon that had many heads sipping on the surface. The air temperature was 13 degrees but that didn't stop those bugs from hatching. If you can bare the cold right now is a great time to be fishing.
All Spotted Up 

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