Sunday, December 13, 2015

Rainbow Trout Kind Of Weekend

Big Bows Eating Nymph's With An Attitude 

I got on the water 3 times this weekend, Friday night, Saturday afternoon and Sunday from 9:30-3pm. The weather was very comfortable for fishing, high's in the 30's with limited wind. I covered a bunch of different water types but the slower seams and bobber holes out produced the pocket water tremendously.
Bobber Water Is Producing 

Getting your flies down deep should be everyone's top priority if your fishing in Southwestern Montana right now, you have to peel those fish off the bottom. Numbers were very good when you could find a trout. One usually meant you were getting a dozen but you had to put some miles on to find those productive spots. The trout aren't moving far to take your imitation either, so make sure you work the hole thoroughly. One particular spot on the Madison seemed vacant of fish except this one specific drift, that one drift gave up good numbers of really good rainbows.

Ferocious Fighters 

Best Looking Of The Bunch 

I'm not sure where the browns have been but the fat bows have seem to taken over the Gallatin and the Madison. No complaints here though these fish are ferocious fighters.

Awesome Spots 

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