Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Heading To The High Country

One of the more productive lakes 
Chubby Eater 

Blooming Wildflowers 

The weather hasn't been so great here in Southwestern Montana lately. Fires have started to spark because of the lack of rain and hot temperatures. This hasn't resulted in good fishing and most of the rivers are in Hoot Owl Regulations as we speak. I've decided to take advantage of all the high country fishing Montana has to offer and explore some alpine lakes/streams lately. The lake fishing isn't my thing so I'm just getting used to it. Fishing has been hit or miss depending on the lake but one things for sure the scenery has been top notch. I decided to wet wade one of the lakes and my legs went numb within a few minutes. A purple chubby seemed to produce the most strikes for me on the lakes and it seems like you can toss anything in the streams to get the trout to eat. Most trout have been small in stature but they make up for the lack of size with their coloring.

High Alpine Lake 
Mountain Range 
Small Stream Gem 

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