Monday, August 8, 2016

Hopper Time

YNP Beauty 
Pocket Water Brown 
Red Spots 

Spent the past few days fishing all sorts of new and old water. Got out on foot and a boat. Fishing ranged from tremendous to poor. The heavy pocket water streams fished extremely well TL stone fly's and we also brought a decent number of fish to the surface with a hopper. I fished a small stream close to town and got good action on a chubby along with various droppers off the dry. The big river kicked our butts, couldn't move a fish on the hopper, next time out I plan to give it some more action and maybe put it a little closer to the bank. My confidence in doing this was poor because of how many boats that were in front of us. I even managed to get up into the park for some tremendous hopper fishing for Yellowstone Cutthroats. Wow was that fun. If you haven't been to the park yet you should, it's something everyone should experience once in their lifetimes. Cool night time lows won't be far away now that the first week in August is over. The fishing has stayed pretty darn consistent out here during the dog days of summer, you just have to be willing to leave those famous waters behind and do some searching on your own...the reward is worth it.

Pocket Water 
Trey Digging Those Hoppers 
Small Stream Gem 

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