Monday, January 23, 2017

Ice, Snow and Broken Rods

Ice, Snow and Broken Rods 

The Release 

The weather pattern hasn't changed much in my neck of the woods the past few weeks. I don't think we've scene a 40 degree day since late October. Low's in the single digits has been the norm and temperatures creeping into the high 20's are a rarity. I've been talking with my brothers back East and it sounds like winter isn't even going to arrive this year back there.
Finding Those Pods This Time Of Year Can Mean Covering A Lot Of Water

I've been pushing the limits in regards to temperatures and fishing. One morning it was -22 out....and we all know how that ended ( I did catch a fish :) I also managed to pretty much freeze a rod tip up to where it was so brittle it broke upon touching it.  Overall the fishing has been really slow. Bobber fishing the slower water which is usually effective this time of year hasn't given up too many good pods of fish. Maybe I haven't found that $$ spot just yet. It always amazes me how concentrated the fish get and if you don't score that perfect drift in that perfect spot you can miss out on a good day of fishing. Midges have been hatching pretty frequently in the waters that have good flows....and on a few occasions the dry fly bite was good. On the bright side of things the sun is staying out a little longer, so in 6-8 weeks we might get some warmer temps to hang around and free some of the rivers up. Until then I'm gonna keep heading out into the arctic, maybe break a rod or two....but the peace on the river this time of year is well worth it!
Winter Excursions 

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