Saturday, February 4, 2017

Brief Warm Up

Best Fish I've Landed Out Of This River 

Months of frozen temps broke for a bit in the mountains today. Inversion created some warm temps up in the high country and I took advantage of it today. I think the fish took notice too. Action was superb under the surface and not just in the slower moving water. It paid off fishing the shallow riffles with good structure today. An array of Stone Fly Nymph's and smaller May Fly Nymph's were the meal ticket, I really didn't have to get to creative to fool some fish. The midges came off in good numbers but I have yet to see many fish rise on this stream. The shelf ice started receding pretty good today, hopefully some other rivers will start to become options in the next few weeks.  

That Cut

Rainbow Fell Victim To The Stone Fly

Chunky Surprise 

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