Saturday, February 25, 2017

The Return Of Old Man Winter

Colored Up Bow 

The Wrath Of A Montana Winter 

We were getting spoiled around Southwest Montana the past 10 days. We had temperatures soaring into the high 40's for five or so days straight. This allowed most rivers to start thawing out and provided fishing on streams that have been locked up for months.
New Stream Was Worth Exploring 

 I managed to go out and explore some new water that was fun, and also hit up some old favorites. Depending on the river, action was either crazy slow or crazy good. The same assortment of nymph's that has been yielding results all winter has still been the meal ticket in the slower water. If you do find areas that seem to never get effected by the ice, you can prospect in the shallower faster stuff and it might surprise you how intense the action can be.
Sweet Cuttbow 

You would think the fish would be lethargic from the cold temperatures but I've found the fight on these fish is remarkable right now. The depths of winter is the in the rear view mirror right now, but still there are many weeks of cold temps to come. Get out there before the crowds of summer rolls most likely won't be disappointed.
Feeding Pretty Well Despite The Cold Temperatures 
WOJO scoring one good one before he heads back to Cali 

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